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Video: Managing Water and Farmland Transitions in the San Joaquin Valley

By Sarah Bardeen

For the past seven years, the PPIC Water Policy Center has been researching how the San Joaquin Valley can adapt to a future with less water. On September 20, we held a special half-day event that drew together an array of growers, water managers, agency staff, and others to discuss how to best manage the changes ahead. Read our writeup—and watch the videos!

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Commentary: Water-use Challenges Affecting Farmers Means Reinventing the San Joaquin Valley

By Ellen Hanak, Caitlin Peterson

To ensure the San Joaquin Valley’s future, groundwater overpumping has to end—and some 500,000 acres of farmland will likely need to come out of intensively irrigated production. But unplanned, haphazard fallowing would harm the valley. In our Fresno Bee commentary, we share insights on how to protect the valley’s residents, agriculture, and environment, drawing on over seven years of research.


Managing Water and Farmland Transitions in the San Joaquin Valley

Achieving groundwater sustainability is vital to the health of the San Joaquin Valley’s communities, agriculture, environment, and economy—but the transition will be challenging. How can the region ensure the best outcomes? Authors of a new PPIC study and a diverse group of local and state experts will discuss key issues and solutions to some of the valley’s looming challenges.


Managing Water and Farmland Transitions in the San Joaquin Valley

By Ellen Hanak, Andrew Ayres, Caitlin Peterson, Alvar Escriva-Bou ...

How can the San Joaquin Valley adapt to a future with less water? We’ve been researching this issue for the past seven years, and our new report presents highlights from we’ve learned, including a robust list of policy suggestions to help the valley weather—and make the most of—the coming changes.

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Tropical Storm Hilary Wallops Southern California

By Jeffrey Mount

Tropical Storm Hilary hammered Southern California on Sunday, after making a destructive run over Baja California. The damage was real, but thankfully there was no loss of life. But there are a few things we do know—or can surmise—about why this rare event occurred, and the dangers such events will pose to California now and in the future.


Funding Education in California

Ten years ago, California implemented a new funding plan for public K–12 education. The goal of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) was to improve student outcomes and increase equity by providing more resources to districts with larger populations of low-income students, English language learners, and foster youth. How has this funding approach served our students? Following a brief presentation by PPIC research fellow Julien Lafortune, PPIC president and CEO Tani Cantil-Sakauye will moderate a conversation with a panel of experts, including Tony Thurmond, state superintendent of public instruction; Josh Hoover, assemblymember; and Ben Chida, chief deputy cabinet secretary, Office of Governor Gavin Newsom.

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California’s Economic Outlook as Inflation Dips

By Sarah Bohn, Daniel Payares-Montoya

Growth in prices has slowed from a year ago, but a number of challenges for the post-COVID economy remain—along with considerable uncertainty. Where does California stand, and what’s ahead?


A Conversation with Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon

Join PPIC president and CEO Tani Cantil-Sakauye for a discussion with California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon about his experiences as a legislative leader and his vision for California’s future.

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Saving Steelhead—and Stitching a Community Back Together

By Francisco Martínezcuello, Sarah Bardeen

Near the small town of San Juan Capistrano in Southern California, a small creek is about to undergo a major transformation. The creek is known as Trabuco—and it just might hold the key to the survival of California’s endangered Southern steelhead.


A Conversation with California Attorney General Rob Bonta

California’s attorney general Rob Bonta will join PPIC president and CEO Tani Cantil-Sakauye to discuss his priorities as the state’s top lawyer and his strategies for safeguarding communities while furthering the rights of Californians.

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