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What’s Worse Than a Flood? A Debris Flow

By Sarah Bardeen

Move over, floods—there’s a new natural disaster in town: debris flows. We know that debris flows can be even more destructive than floods, but what are they and why do they happen? We speak with expert Jimmy Guilinger to learn more.


Land Transitions and Dust in the San Joaquin Valley

By Andrew Ayres, Jaymin Kwon, Joy Collins

Agricultural operations and wind erosion are two of the largest sources of dust in the San Joaquin Valley, and the valley’s air quality may decline with increased farmland fallowing and a warmer, drier climate. This will impact low-income, rural communities first and foremost, but proactive management can help identify high-risk areas and direct funding to cost-effective interventions.

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Dangers Lurk in the San Joaquin Valley’s Dust

By Sarah Bardeen

In the San Joaquin Valley, concerns about airborne dust—and its health impacts—are growing. We speak with two experts who say people are right to be concerned.

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Water in 2021: Looking Back on a Year of Extremes

By Ellen Hanak

In California, 2021 was the year that climate change hit home. We look back at this year of extremes—and examine how our nonpartisan data and analysis informed conversations about how to address the tough water issues facing the state.

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Video: Preparing for the Next Wildfire Season

By Mary Severance

Insurance commissioner Ricardo Lara and an expert panel discuss how California can best prepare for wildfires and address the threat they pose to communities across the state.

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Accounting for a Decade of Headwater Forest Management

By Henry McCann, Mingfei Xiong

As California accelerates management of headwater forests to reduce wildfire risk, understanding past efforts is useful. Yet data on such work is lacking. PPIC did a basic accounting of the past decade of forest management, which has lessons for going forward.

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