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COVID-19’s Sobering Effect on Life Expectancy

By Hans Johnson, Eric McGhee

3 days ago ... ... The New York Times, derived from state and local health agencies (cases, deaths) and US Census Bureau (population and demographic data).

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California’s Plunging Birth Rates

By Hans Johnson

4 days ago ... California's birth rate has reached near-record lows, contributing to a slowdown in the state's population growth and portending decades of ...

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2022 Year in Review

By Mark Baldassare

Dec 15, 2022 ... During the past year, California worked to rebound from the pandemic while confronting drought, inflation, an economic divide, and political ...

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California’s Native American Community

By Eric McGhee

Nov 15, 2022 ... By the early 20th century, the native population was a tiny fraction of what it had been. Partly as a result of this history, California's ...

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Who Is the California Voter?

By Stephanie Barton

Nov 8, 2022 ... Today, white residents make up 55% of likely voters while comprising under 40% of the California population. In contrast, Latino residents ...

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Video: Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops

By Vicki Hsieh

Oct 21, 2022 ... ... a third of traffic stops made by police departments in the hours around midnight, despite making up only 6% of the statewide population.

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The Politics of Leaving California

By Eric McGhee, Hans Johnson

Oct 17, 2022 ... California has seen multiple years of population decline, driven in part by a growing number of people leaving the state.