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Federal Work Requirements Are Changing for Some CalFresh Participants

By Tess Thorman, Caroline Danielson

Recent changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—known as CalFresh in California—alter how employment affects eligibility for some participants. We examine what these changes might mean for CalFresh participants as well as for state and local policymakers.

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Californians Hold Mixed Views on Their Personal Finances

By Rachel Lawler

A slim majority of Californians say they and their family are in about the same financial situation as a year ago, while one in three say they are worse off and a smaller share say they are better off.

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Signs of Increased New Business Growth since the Pandemic

By Jane Sawerengera, Shannon McConville, Sarah Bohn

New businesses are critical to the economy, partly due to their role in spurring job creation. We look at how California has fared in business creation over the course of the pandemic and the economic recovery.

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Californians’ Racial Attitudes and the Reparations Task Force

By Mark Baldassare

The state's Reparations Task Force recently issued recommendations for how California might compensate and apologize for slavery and its lasting effects on African Americans. What do Californians think about racism, race relations, and this task force?

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A Regional Look at California’s Latest Employment Trends

By Sarah Bohn, Marisol Cuellar Mejia, Jenny Duan, Julien Lafortune

While employment is higher than it was before the pandemic, California’s economy could face headwinds in the coming months. We look at how seven major regions are faring and discuss the factors driving job growth in different parts of the state.

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Housing Costs Have Californians Considering an Interstate Move

By Dean Bonner

More than four in ten Californians say that housing costs have made them seriously consider moving, and an overwhelming majority of this group say they would leave the state. The share of Californians considering a move out of the state has about doubled across all income and education groups since 2004.

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Shifting Gender Employment Patterns and California’s Care Sector

By Sarah Bohn, Marisol Cuellar Mejia, Vicki Hsieh

Women in California are now employed at higher rates than prior to the pandemic, while employment among men has yet to recover. What do these trends – and employment patterns in the care sector—say about the shifting balance of work and caregiving as the pandemic recedes?

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How Is Remote Work Affecting Worker Preferences and the Economy?

By Dean Bonner, Sarah Bohn

More than one-third of employed Californians say they work from home either all the time or sometimes. But the ability to work remotely varies across industries, occupations, and regions, with significant implications for job-seeking patterns and economic opportunity.

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