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Fact Sheet

Immigrants and Education in California

By Hans Johnson, Cesar Alesi Perez, Marisol Cuellar Mejia

Recent immigrants have higher levels of educational attainment than US-born Californians ... SOURCE: 2019 one-year American Community Survey data accessed through ...

Fact Sheet

The Digital Divide in Education

By Niu Gao, Joseph Hayes

This fact sheet focuses on the latest available data, from 2019 and 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of technology in education.

Fact Sheet

State Financial Aid in California

By Kevin Cook, Jacob Jackson, Courtney Lee

Fact Sheet · June 2019 ... C program provides tuition and non-tuition coverage to mostly community college students enrolled in career education programs.

Fact Sheet

Career Technical Education in California

By Sarah Bohn, Niu Gao, Shannon McConville

Arts and media courses are especially popular, as are CTE courses in information technology, agriculture, and health. At community colleges, nearly 420,000 ...

Fact Sheet

California’s High School Graduation Requirements

By Niu Gao, Lunna Lopes, Grace Lee

SOURCE: Cohort graduation rates, California Department of Education, 2009–2015. NOTE: Data restricted to years where cohort graduation rates are available. The ...

Fact Sheet

College Readiness in California

By Jacob Jackson, Olga Rodriguez

About 40% of California's high school graduates are eligible for CSU, and about 14% are eligible for UC ... SOURCE: California Department of Education data.

Fact Sheet

Higher Education Funding in California

By Kevin Cook

California spends 12% of its General Fund on higher education. ... Years 2011–12 to 2015–16 derived from budgetary data provided by Department of Finance.

Fact Sheet

California’s Future Economy

By Deborah Reed, Hans Johnson

Fact Sheet · September 2008. California's Future Economy. Deborah Reed and Hans Johnson. Full Report PDF en Español. Topics. Economy Higher Education.