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Fact Sheet

Water and Energy in California

By Alvar Escriva-Bou, Gokce Sencan, Andrew Ayres

Dec 6, 2022 ... California's water system uses energy to pump, convey, treat, and heat ... while treatment, pumping, and conveyance of water and wastewater ...

Statewide Survey

PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and the Environment

By Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Rachel Lawler, Deja Thomas

Jul 8, 2022 ... 4% landfills, garbage, sewage, waste, recycling ... experienced discrimination or been treated unfairly because of your race or ethnicity?


Groundwater and Urban Growth in the San Joaquin Valley

By Andrew Ayres, Ellen Hanak, Henry McCann, David Mitchell ...

... of investments to install water treatment plants and purchase supplies from ... water from other parties, or increasing the use of recycled wastewater.


Improving California’s Water Market

By Andrew Ayres, Ellen Hanak, Brian Gray, Gokce Sencan ...

... water that returns to a watercourse or a groundwater basin after application, such as irrigation drainage or treated wastewater (Escriva-Bou et al.


Advancing Ecosystem Restoration with Smarter Permitting

By Letitia Grenier, Stephanie Panlasigui, Crissy Pickett, Gokce Sencan

Historically a freshwater tidal marsh, the island was reclaimed for ... discharge from several wastewater treatment plants, and imported water from less ...

Fact Sheet

Paying for California’s Water System

By Caitrin Chappelle, Ellen Hanak, Annabelle Rosser

California's urban water and wastewater agencies face some fiscal challenges, ... aging infrastructure and to comply with new water treatment requirements.

Fact Sheet

Water Affordability in California

By Caitrin Chappelle, Ellen Hanak

Investments to replace aging infrastructure, meet new treatment standards, ... for local public drinking water and wastewater agencies (cities, counties, ...


California’s Future

By Ellen Hanak, Laura Hill, Hans Johnson, Caroline Danielson ...

This multi-topic publication highlights the state's most pressing long-term policy challenges in several key areas: criminal justice, economy, education, ...