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PPIC Statewide Survey

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Take our survey and see how you compare to the rest of Californians.*

  1. Thinking about the kindergarten through 12th grade public education system overall in California today, do you think it is generally going in the right direction or the wrong direction?
  2. Which of these do you think will be the biggest challenge for public school students in your community as we emerge from the pandemic: catching up academically, dealing with the social-emotional impacts of the pandemic, or re-adjusting to regular school schedules and routines?
  3. Do you think the current level of state funding for your local public schools is more than enough, just enough, or not enough?
  4. How important is attending preschool to a student's success in kindergarten through grade 12?

*The “rest of Californians” responses were taken from the April 2022 PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government.