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California 2025: Taking on the Future
Ellen Hanak and Mark Baldassare (editors), Mark Baldassare, Elisa Barbour, Jonathan Cohen, Shelley de Alth, Ellen Hanak, Hans P. Johnson, Paul G. Lewis, David Neumark, Manuel Pastor, Jr., Deborah Reed, and Kim Rueben (contributors).

June 2005

There is growing concern that rapid population growth and repeated budget shortfalls have brought California to a state of disrepair that could soon become a state of emergency. With support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, PPIC undertook a study to see whether the state is facing a growth and infrastructure crisis, how big the problems are, and how to think about planning for the future. This report presents the findings of that study. It concludes that we haven’t reached a crisis—yet—but some trends and forces make it imperative to begin systematic, well-informed planning. Otherwise, the future California gets by default may not be the future residents want for themselves and their children.

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