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A Portrait of Race and Ethnicity in California
Belinda I. Reyes (editor), Jennifer Cheng, Elliot Currie, Daniel Frakes, Hans P. Johnson, Elizabeth Bronwen Macro, Deborah Reed, Belinda I. Reyes, José Signoret, and Joanne Spetz (contributors)

March 2001

Full Report
[PDF, 1024K]

Press Release

California's racial and ethnic composition has changed dramatically over the last generation: so dramatically, in fact, that many businesses, public interest groups, media professionals, and policymakers lack current, reliable information about the state's population. In this sourcebook, Belinda Reyes and a team of researchers examine trends and outcomes in:

  • demography
  • education
  • health
  • labor
  • economic status
  • crime
  • political participation
  • ethnic geography
Each chapter presents key indicators for the state's four major racial and ethnic groups: whites, African Americans, Asians, and Hispanics. Where possible, the authors also present trends and outcomes for major Asian and Hispanic subgroups.


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