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PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government
Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Jennifer Paluch, and Sonja Petek

August 2008

Some findings of the current survey:

  • A plurality (44%) of California’s likely voters would deal with the budget shortfall this year with a mix of spending cuts and tax increases, fewer (38%) would fill the gap mostly by cutting spending, and far fewer would do so mostly by increasing taxes (8%) or by borrowing money and running a deficit (4%).
  • A majority of California’s likely voters oppose Proposition 8, the November ballot measure that would eliminate gay marriage.
  • A record-high percentage of likely voters, 39 percent, name jobs and the economy as the most important issues facing the state.
  • Sen. Barack Obama’s lead over Sen. John McCain among likely voters (48% Obama, 39% McCain) has declined by 6 points since July.

This is the 89th PPIC Statewide Survey and the 30th in the Californians and Their Government survey series, which is conducted to examine the social, economic, and political trends that influence public policy preferences and ballot choices. It is supported with funding from The James Irvine Foundation.