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State Makes Progress on Wildfire and Forest Health Policy
Accounting for a Decade of Headwater Forest Management
New Laws Address Water Affordability and Wildfire Risks
Paying for Forest Health Projects
How California’s Wildfires Are Changing
Using Fire for Good on Tribal Land
Grappling with the Statewide “Wildfire Siege”
Commentary: Improving Forest Health Can Build Jobs, Economies in Rural California
How Is the Pandemic Affecting Wildfire Preparedness?
Governor’s Budget Addresses Growing Wildfire Risks
New Laws Help Prepare Communities for Wildfire
California’s Growing Demand for Recycled Water Has Ripple Effects
Commentary: How Better Wastewater Management Can Help California Adapt to Climate Change
Governor’s Budget Targets Safe Drinking Water, Wildfires, Healthy Soils
New Laws on Drought, Forests, and Safe Drinking Water
Managing Forests to Reduce Wildfire Risks
How Wildfires Affect California’s Water Supply
New Federal Policies Will Help Manage Wildfire Risk
California Makes Progress on Water Accounting
Governor’s Budget Banks on Voters Passing Water Bond
Building Community to Support Healthy Forests
New Water Rules for Marijuana Growers
New Laws Ease Funding and Improve Accounting for Water
Commentary: California’s Forests are Dying—They Need Better Care
Better Information Can Help the Environment
New Laws Strengthen State’s Water Safety Net
Drinking Water Quality: Perceptions and Challenges
Three Lessons on Water Accounting for California
New Water Laws Address Groundwater, Marijuana
Managing Wildfires Requires New Strategies
The “Inexact Science” of Water Pricing
Drought Bills: Small Changes, High Impact
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