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Statewide Survey · May 2008

PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government

Mark Baldassare, Jennifer Paluch, Dean Bonner, and Sonja Petek

Some findings of the current survey:

  • Solid majorities of residents (58%) and likely voters (62%) oppose the governor’s plan to raise revenue by borrowing from future lottery earnings, but majorities of residents (54%) and likely voters (57%) favor a temporary increase in the state sales tax if the lottery plan fails.
  • Just 35 percent of residents and likely voters say they are satisfied with the budget plan proposed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger earlier this month. Majorities of residents (56%) and likely voters (57%) are dissatisfied with it.
  • If the general election were held today, likely voters would favor Obama over McCain by 17 points (54% to 37%); likely voters also favor Clinton over McCain by 12 points (51% to 39%).

This is the 86th PPIC Statewide Survey and the 29th in the Californians and Their Government survey series, conducted periodically to examine the social, economic, and political trends that influence public policy preferences and ballot choices. This survey includes the responses of 2,003 Californians and is supported by The James Irvine Foundation.


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