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Statewide Survey

PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government

By Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Rachel Lawler, Deja Thomas

Key findings include Majorities of Californians across party lines support sanctioning Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, even if sanctions lead to higher energy prices. A third of Californians—and nearly half of lower-income residents—say recent price increases have caused serious financial hardship in their households. Over half of Californians are concerned about covering their housing costs, and six in ten say homelessness is a big problem in their part of the state. Partisans are divided on the need for restrictions to control the spread of COVID-19.

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Gas Prices Stretch Family Budgets

By Sarah Bohn, Daniel Payares-Montoya

California has recently seen its highest average gas price on record. Combined with higher prices in other key budget areas, rising gas prices pose a challenge for households around the state, especially those with lower incomes.


Equitable State Funding for School Facilities

By Julien Lafortune, Niu Gao

Most funding for California’s K–12 facilities comes from local tax revenues, which depend on property wealth. State funding could potentially address wealth disparities, but it has disproportionately benefited more-affluent districts. Policymakers should prioritize equity in facility funding so that all students have access to safe and effective learning environments.

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Starting the Year with Less (Real) Money

By Sarah Bohn, Julien Lafortune

Over the last two years combined, prices have increased more than 8%. The impact on family economic well-being is especially large for those at the lower end of the income spectrum.


Improving K-12 School Facilities in California

By Niu Gao, Julien Lafortune

Amid a statewide spike in coronavirus cases, most California schools will start the year remotely. When in-person classes do resume, cleanliness and safety will be paramount. But four in ten students attend schools that do not meet minimum facility standards.



The coronavirus outbreak poses a tremendous challenge to California, the nation, and the global community. PPIC’s analyses examine the impacts of COVID-19 and how policy choices and other actions can help address them.

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Californians and Their Tax Burden

By Dean Bonner

Many Californians express concerns about the system of state and local taxes—regarding both its overall fairness and how much they pay—with views differing widely along partisan lines.

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