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When a Lack of Air Conditioning is a Public Health Threat

By Lori Pottinger

California is getting hotter, which is leading to public health inequities caused by a lack of air conditioning. We talked to Kelly Sanders of the University of Southern California about addressing “air conditioning deserts."


Counting California: Challenges for the 2020 Census

By Sarah Bohn, Eric McGhee, Lynette Ubois

California has worked hard in preparing for the census and has invested deeply to meet the high-stakes challenge of counting every resident. A House seat and the allocation of billions in federal funds are on the line.

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Medi-Cal Expansion for Undocumented Seniors

By Paulette Cha, Shannon McConville

A proposed expansion of Medi-Cal would boost access to health services, including preventive care and disease management, for eligible undocumented seniors.


Changes in K–12 Enrollment across California’s Counties

The state’s K–12 system may be entering a long period of declining enrollment. But statewide trends tell only part of the story and can mask important differences across counties and districts. This interactive map allows you to see historical and projected changes in K–12 enrollment in each of California’s 58 counties.


California’s Future: Population

By Hans Johnson, Marisol Cuellar Mejia

In 2019, California became the first state with 40 million residents. The state has been preparing for the 2020 Census, which will affect political representation and federal funding.

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Climate Change and California’s Water

By Jeffrey Mount, Daniel Swain, Paul Ullrich

Managing water is at the forefront of climate change adaptation in California. Changes are needed to prepare the water system for a more volatile climate.

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New Housing Permits Decline Statewide

By Marisol Cuellar Mejia, Mary Severance

Despite a great need for more housing, the number of new home construction permits declined significantly during the first half of 2019.

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