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Pretrial Risk Assessment in California

By Heather Harris, Justin Goss, Alexandria Gumbs

Pretrial risk assessment can help counties decide whether arrestees should stay in the community or be detained while their cases are pending. But counties may face challenges in ensuring their risk assessment systems promote accuracy and equity.

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Addressing Inequality in Flood Risk

By Lori Pottinger

More than 7 million Californians are at risk of flooding, and not every community is well prepared. We talked to two experts at UC Irvine about how flooding affects social inequality.

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Can Pretrial Decisions Be Improved?

By Heather Harris, Justin Goss

California is considering the end of cash bail, placing even greater importance on the use—and improvement—of pretrial risk assessment tools.

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How Climate Change Drives Disaster Cascades

By Lori Pottinger

California has had a devastating series of natural disasters in recent years. We talked to Amir AghaKouchak of UC Irvine about how climate change amplifies natural hazards.

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Adapting to an Uncertain Water Future

By Jeffrey Mount, Ellen Hanak

To avoid major social and economic disruptions, California should greatly increase efforts to adapt its water system to a changing climate.


Poverty & Inequality

More than a quarter of Californians live in or near poverty, and the longstanding divide between rich and poor poses a major challenge for our state and nation. PPIC builds understanding of what economic disparities mean for households and communities, while highlighting policies that can broaden opportunity and increase well-being.

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