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Commentary: State Water Regulators Are Listening to and Learning How to Promote Conservation

By Ellen Hanak, David Mitchell

In an op-ed for the Sacramento Bee, senior fellow Ellen Hanak and adjunct fellow David Mitchell commend the State Water Board for adjusting its draft urban water conservation regulations back in March. They say the changes will give needed flexibility to struggling water agencies and help protect low-income customers from extreme rate hikes.

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How Business and Government Might Solve the Freshwater Crisis—Together

By Sarah Bardeen

Does the public sector need the private sector’s help to address the freshwater crisis? That’s the thesis of Stanford law and environmental social sciences professor Barton “Buzz” Thompson’s provocative new book. We sat down with him to hear more.

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The Colorado River’s Hydrology is Changing. Can We Adapt?

By Letitia Grenier, Sarah Bardeen

The Colorado River’s hydrology is changing—and the dwindling water supplies are hitting Southern California hard. We sat down with Colorado River Board of California’s chairman JB Hamby and Metropolitan Water District’s Bill Hasencamp to find out what’s next for the river.

Fact Sheet

Sea Level Rise in California

By Letitia Grenier, Gokce Sencan

Sea levels are rising, and Californians are already feeling the impact. Adaptation will require new forms of collaboration and coordination—as well as working with nature—to find solutions.

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Video: Eel River—Reconnecting Salmon and People

By Sarah Bardeen, Cameron Nielsen

The Eel River once hosted one of California’s great salmon runs, but a combination of factors decimated those populations. Now, planned dam removals might help restore salmon—but how will these changes affect river communities? Filmmaker Cameron Nielsen spoke to people on all sides of the issue in this visually arresting short documentary

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Commentary: Californians Need to Do More to Prepare for Wet Years

By Letitia Grenier, Ellen Hanak

Climate change is supercharging the extremes of drought and flood in California. But our infrastructure and institutions remain woefully underprepared for rising flood risk and increasingly erratic rainfall. It’s time to take this threat—and this opportunity—seriously and accelerate preparations.

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A Look Back at 2023’s Volatile Year in Water

By Letitia Grenier

Volatility was the name of the game in 2023, as drought-weary California suddenly found itself inundated by atmospheric rivers—and the changes kept coming. We look back on California’s weird (and sometimes wonderful) year in water.

data set

PPIC Sacramento Valley GSP Supply and Demand Projects

This spreadsheet includes project and management actions data collected from 16 groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs) from the 16 Sacramento Valley groundwater basins, submitted to the Department of Water Resources in January 2022.

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