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Mass Shootings in California

By Heather Harris

The number of mass shootings in California has rebounded to pre-pandemic levels, with about one mass shooting per week over the past two years. However, since 2019 Los Angeles County—by far the state's most populous—has experienced dramatic highs and lows in the number of mass shootings.

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Falling Jail Populations Have Eased Overcrowding in Most County Jails

By Brandon Martin, Magnus Lofstrom

California jails have historically faced capacity issues that required counties to release people early. However, a close look at jail populations in the wake of the pandemic shows that overcrowding is now an issue in just a handful of counties.

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Law Enforcement Staffing in California

By Brandon Martin, Magnus Lofstrom, Andrew Skelton

Law enforcement is funded largely at the local level, and almost half of California’s law enforcement officers work for municipal police departments. Staffing levels continued to drop in 2022, though losses vary across agencies.

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Crime Trends in California

By Magnus Lofstrom, Brandon Martin

Violent crime in California has ticked up in recent years, with a pronounced increase in incidents involving guns since 2019. Property crime has also risen steadily statewide, and rates now stand slightly above pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

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Gun Incidents Drive a Climb in Violent Crime Rates

By Magnus Lofstrom, Brandon Martin

Violent crime in California has been ticking up since 2019. And while the overall share of violent crimes involving guns dipped in 2022, it remains above pre-pandemic levels.

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Concerns about Gun Violence Are Widespread

By Dean Bonner, Deja Thomas

As violent crime increases around the state, one in four Californians—slightly larger than the share nationally—worry either every day or almost every day that they or a loved one will be a victim of gun violence. Parents in California are much more likely than adults without children to worry about gun violence.


Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government

PPIC’s latest survey examines Californians’ views on economic issues, such as inflation and the state budget situation. It also looks at approval of state and federal elected officials, concerns about natural disasters, and opinions on immigration policies. Survey analyst Rachel Lawler will present key findings and discuss takeaways with survey analyst Deja Thomas.

Statewide Survey

PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government

By Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Rachel Lawler, Deja Thomas

Californians name economic conditions, homelessness, and housing as the most important issues facing the state today. A majority of Californians favor changing state environmental regulations as a way to increase housing affordability.

blog post

A Large Proportion of Crime Goes Unsolved in California

By Magnus Lofstrom

California’s clearance rates—the shares of reported crimes for which police make an arrest and refer the arrestee to prosecution—are better than those nationwide. Still, statewide less than half of violent crimes and only one in ten property crimes are cleared.

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