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PPIC Polling and the Immigration Debate

By Mark Baldassare

Sep 13, 2017 ... Twenty-seven percent of California's population is foreign born—about twice the US percentage—while 35% of Los Angeles County population is ...



Immigrants in California. California is home to nearly 11 million immigrants, accounting for a quarter of the foreign-born population in the US. PPIC's research ...

Fact Sheet

Undocumented Immigrants in California

By Joseph Hayes, Laura Hill

The Pew Research Center (PRC) estimates that as of 2014, 71% of California's undocumented population was Mexican-born. Nearly one in ten California workers ...

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Californians’ Views on the Value of College

By Dean Bonner

Apr 19, 2016 ... ... while higher-income residents are less inclined to this view. ... Foreign-born adults are far more likely than those born in the United ...

Fact Sheet

English Proficiency of Immigrants

By Laura Hill

Nearly all foreign-born Latinos (96%) say it is very important to teach ... In California, public opinion surveys suggest that residents are willing to pay ...

Fact Sheet

The Immigration and Citizenship Process

By Laura Hill

A foreign-born individual may enter the United States as a legal permanent resident (LPR), or Green Card holder; as a temporary visa holder (e.g., tourist, ...