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Fact Sheet

Financing California’s Public Schools

By Julien Lafortune, Joseph Herrera

The majority of funding for California K12 schools is provided by the state. Since 1990, the state share of school funding typically has hovered between ...

Fact Sheet

The Digital Divide in Education

By Darriya Starr, Joseph Hayes, Niu Gao

... about seven in ten (71%) California households with school-enrolled children (or K12 households) reported always having internet access for educational ...

Fact Sheet

California’s Digital Divide

By Joseph Hayes, Niu Gao, Darriya Starr

Notably, 5% of households with school-age children did not have home access to a device. The digital divide in K12 education narrowed during the pandemic, but ...

Fact Sheet

Public Preschools in California

By Caroline Danielson, Tess Thorman

High-quality preschool improves short- and long-term outcomes such as school readiness, high school graduation, and earnings—although some early educational ...

Fact Sheet

Career Technical Education in California

By Sarah Bohn, Niu Gao, Shannon McConville

Public high schools and community colleges are the primary providers of CTE. During the 2016–17 school year, close to 800,000 high school students (45%) ...

Fact Sheet

California’s High School Graduation Requirements

By Niu Gao, Lunna Lopes, Grace Lee

Graduation rates for English Learners and economically disadvantaged students have risen 16 and 12 percentage points. High school graduation rates have risen ...

Fact Sheet

College Readiness in California

By Jacob Jackson, Olga Rodriguez

About 40% of California's high school graduates are eligible for CSU, ... can become fully exempt from remediation by passing certain 12th grade courses.

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Bonds for K-12 School Facilities in California

By Lunna Lopes, Iwunze Ugo

Although K12 enrollment is declining, schools will need funds for modernization and construction. · School construction and maintenance are funded mainly by ...

Fact Sheet

Californians and Early Childhood Education

By Mark Baldassare, Lunna Lopes, Dean Bonner, David Kordus

Most Californians see preschool as important to K12 success. The overwhelming majority of Californians say attending preschool is very important (68%) or ...

Fact Sheet

Digital Learning in California’s K-12 Schools

By Niu Gao

California is implementing new tests (known as Smarter Balanced assessments) to complement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Since these new tests are ...