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Groundwater and Urban Growth in the San Joaquin Valley

By Andrew Ayres, Ellen Hanak, Henry McCann, David Mitchell ...

Urban water use is relatively high in the valley, but per-capita water use has ... or 100 gallons per capita per day for a typical household of three) that ...

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Water Affordability in California

By Caitrin Chappelle, Ellen Hanak

Costs reflect the typical drinking water bill for utility customers consuming 12 HCF (hundred cubic feet) per month (748 gallons = 1 HCF).

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Water Use in California

By Ellen Hanak, Jeffrey Mount

In 2015, per capita use fell to 146 gallons per day in response to drought-related conservation requirements. Much of the recent savings came from reducing ...

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Are California’s Cities Ready for the Next Drought?

By Ellen Hanak, David Mitchell

Apr 25, 2018 ... During droughts people save water in all kinds of ways, but especially by reducing landscape watering, which in normal years accounts for about ...

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Water Trivia Quiz Answers

By Lori Pottinger

Nov 18, 2016 ... What was California's per-capita water use in 2015? B: 130 gallons per day in 2015 (the fourth year of the latest drought).

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Drought Savvy? Take Our Water Trivia Quiz

By Lori Pottinger

Nov 17, 2016 ... What was California's per-capita water use in 2015 (the fourth year of the latest drought)?. A. 175 gallons per day. B. 130 gallons per day.

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“Sin” Taxes on the Ballot This Fall

By Patrick Murphy, Talib Jabbar

Jul 25, 2016 ... If the tobacco tax passes, it would boost per capita revenue from $21 ... and a conversion of gallons in terms of pure alcohol (ethanol).

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A Changing State of Water Conservation

By Lori Pottinger

Jun 1, 2016 ... FSW: There is much more room for improvement. While a number of communities are achieving 55 gallons of indoor water use per capita per day or ...