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Blog Post · January 4, 2023

New Beginnings

photo - Scenic Road at Dawn in Mendocino County

As we step into 2023, I want to take the opportunity to wish every one of you a happy new year. This is a time of new beginnings—and I certainly feel this way as I take on a new role as president and CEO of PPIC. I’m excited to lead an organization with a unique, important—and nonpartisan—mission.

It’s also a new beginning in Sacramento and Washington, DC, where new legislative sessions are starting and new members are taking their seats, working to develop policies that help our state build a brighter future.

At PPIC, we aim to inform that process by providing high-quality, fact-based information and analysis on some of the most pressing challenges facing our state. Here’s what to expect in the next few months from PPIC:

We’ll be sharing this important work with you through publications, social media, and public events. More than ever, our leaders at the local, state, and national levels need a trusted, impartial source that helps them make well-informed decisions for California and its people. And that’s what PPIC provides: independent, nonpartisan, and actionable research.

We look forward to the work ahead!