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Californians Are Split on Pronoun Use at School

By Lauren Mora

Californians overall—as well as public school parents in particular—are divided on whether schools should allow students to go by pronouns that differ from their biological sex. Views on this issue vary widely across political parties, regions, and demographic groups.

blog post

Does Managed Retreat Make Sense in Wildfire-Prone Lands?

By Sarah Bardeen

The concept of “managed retreat” originated in coastal areas that are dealing with sea level rise. Now, the term is increasingly used in discussions around wildfire—but does that make sense? We asked two researchers to tell us more.

Fact Sheet

Agricultural Land Use in California

By Spencer Cole, Ellen Hanak, Caitlin Peterson

About 40% of California’s land—roughly 40 million acres—is used for agriculture. But what does that mean for the state? Our new fact sheet takes advantage of brand-new data to show how the land is used in more detail than ever before.

blog post

California’s LGBTQ+ Population

By Hans Johnson

The share of California adults who identify as LGBTQ+—nearly one in ten—is greater than that in any other highly populated state. California's LGBTQ+ community includes a range of identities and reflects our state's considerable racial and ethnic diversity.

Statewide Survey

PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government

By Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Lauren Mora, Deja Thomas

The latest PPIC Statewide Survey finds that Biden and Schiff both continue to hold wide leads in their November races, while a solid majority prefer the Democratic candidate across California's ten competitive US House districts.

Fact Sheet

Groundwater in California

By Kyle Greenspan, Spencer Cole, Caitlin Peterson

Groundwater is a vital, but threatened, component of California’s water supply. Learn more about this important resource!

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