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Fact Sheet

Law Enforcement Staffing in California

By Brandon Martin, Magnus Lofstrom, Andrew Skelton

Feb 9, 2023 ... Research also estimates that the crime-reducing benefits of hiring an additional police officer exceed the annual cost.


Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on Arrests in California

By Deepak Premkumar, Thomas Sloan, Magnus Lofstrom, Joseph Hayes

Feb 9, 2023 ... The impact these early releases had on arrest rates is unclear. Zero-bail policies. The Judicial Council of California passed several emergency ...


Priorities for California’s Water

By Jeffrey Mount, Ellen Hanak, Sarah Bardeen, Alvar Escriva-Bou ...

Nov 16, 2022 ... And following more than two decades of “megadrought” in the Colorado ... and environmental costs of land fallowing, like increased dust.


Solar Energy and Groundwater in the San Joaquin Valley

By Andrew Ayres, Annabelle Rosser, Ellen Hanak, Alvar Escriva-Bou ...

Moreover, development could provide multiple benefits by helping to ... at an unprecedented rate—and the high solar resource potential in the valley, ...