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photo - Drought Barrier in the West False River in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Tracking Where Water Goes in a Changing Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta

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Featured Blog Post · March 28, 2022

Who’s Leaving California—and Who’s Moving In?

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Fact Cards

29% Share of K–12 students who lack reliable internet service at home.
2 in 3 Californians support the state making its own policies to address global warming.
90% Most Californians say housing affordability is a problem in their part of the state.
66% Most California adults favor providing health care to undocumented immigrants.
81% of registered California voters cast a ballot in the 2020 presidential election.
Nearly 40% of California’s schoolchildren are either current or former English Learners.
Schools were a key source of food for low-income families despite closures during the pandemic.
A majority of the 6 million students in California’s public schools are “high need”—low-income, English Learner (EL), or foster youth.
California’s prison population fell by 27,500 prisoners during the pandemic, or 7,500 more than any other state.