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Niu Gao
Niu Gao
Senior Fellow

K-12 education, education and technology

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Niu Gao is a senior fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California, specializing in K–12 education. Her areas of interest include math and science education, digital learning in K–12 schools, and student transition from high school to college. Prior to joining PPIC, she worked as a quantitative policy analyst at Stanford. She holds a PhD in educational policy and an MS in economics from Florida State University.

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Food Insufficiency and School Meals during COVID-19
A Year into Distance Learning, California’s Digital Divide Persists
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COVID-19 Altered College Plans for Most Students
More Students Have Digital Devices, but Internet Gaps Persist
Private Schools Dominate the Approval Process for Reopening
COVID-19 Further Disrupts Testing for College Admissions and Placement
Providing Meals for School Children as COVID-19 Persists
Schools Adjusting to the Pandemic May Also Be Affected by Wildfire Season
California Schools Mull Timing, Logistics of Re-opening
Tackling Food Insecurity among K–12 Students during COVID-19
COVID-19 Alters College Admissions
Students Prepare for AP Exams during COVID-19
High School Graduation during the COVID-19 Crisis
Remote Learning for English Learners and Special Needs Students during COVID-19
Feeding Children When Schools Are Closed for COVID-19
Will Students without Home Internet Fall Behind During Coronavirus Shutdowns?
Exploring Math Pathways under Common Core
How California’s Digital Divide Affects Students
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California Needs More College Prep Courses
Upgrading High School Math Requirements
Computer Science in California’s K–12 Schools
Interpreting California’s Latest SAT Scores
Local Decisionmaking in California’s Schools
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